Our History


Family business founded in the Nervión neighborhood of Seville in 1968 by the Gómez Acosta brothers. It provides services at all levels: hospitality, wholesalers and retail. Since its inception, it has been characterized by continuous innovation to adapt to market demand.

The company enjoys an excellent reputation and recognition of its quality among our clients, the result of dedication and constant work for decades in the sector, with our dedication to quality and careful selection at an adjusted price.

The History of Our Logo

El Olivo logo review: There are endless legends and myths around this mythological tree. But one of them stands out, the one that takes us to Ancient Greece. According to Greek mythology, the olive tree arises from a competition between two of its gods, Poseidon, god of the seas and Palas Athena (Minerva in Roman mythology), goddess of wisdom, who made an olive tree sprout at the gates of the Acropolis with which, according to the legend, not only its fruits would be good to eat but an extraordinary liquid would be obtained to feed men, to relieve their wounds and capable of giving flame to light up the nights. The citizens of Athens chose the olive tree and with it Athena.